About our yoga classes:

Our classes vary from a wide selection of Alignment-based Hatha yoga classes as well as Movement-based Vinyasa classes.

Classes run on a 5-week cycle, emphasizing one of 5 themes per week.

What is Alignment-based Hatha Yoga?

Alignment-based Hatha Yoga is an approach to teaching classical yoga poses through a deep awareness of correct alignment and precise action. This not only refines the poses, but it also trains the mind to remain alert and focused. Props such as wall ropes, chairs, bolsters, blocks, and straps are often used to understand the poses better through external support and feedback.

What is Movement-based Vinyasa Yoga?

Movement-based Vinyasa Yoga is inspired by an ancient and traditional system of Hatha yoga called Ashtanga Yoga, unique in that it is composed of precisely designed sequences of postures. Each pose is linked to the next through synchronized breath movements called Vinyasa. This powerful and vigorous type of practice purifies and realigns the body, cultivating a feeling of inner peace.

Class descriptions

Basics and Beyond: In these classes you will be taught the fundamental poses practiced at the studio. These classes will help you bring precision to your new or existing yoga practice. Appropriate for newcomers and students who want to learn poses from the ground up. these classes get you ready for all other classes offered in the studio. A must if you are new with us!

Refine and Deepen: In these classes you never really know what you will be taught until you get to class. The teacher may decide to teach in a Vinyasa format with lots of repetitions with minimal props or teach a long hold supported/restorative practice that can either be challenging or relaxing in nature while using many different props such as ropes, chairs, bolsters, blocks, and straps. This class is great for students who want to deepen their practice and refine their skills, while paying attention to finer alignment details.

Vinyasa Flow: These classes are dynamic, fun and challenging classes taught in a fast-paced way with a continued emphasis on precise alignment. These classes are for students who already have a steady and well-rounded practice that are ready to move and work hard with safety and intelligence.

Wall Yoga: This class, whether active or restorative, pays respect to the yoga masters who pioneered this practice, Krishnamacharya and BKS Iyengar. Using straps, slings and a bit of courage, Wall Yoga classes will help you deepen the poses in your traditional practice as well as reap the many benefits of supported inversions. Moving differently in your practice with the support of the yoga wall and props helps you to understand your body in a different way.

Restoratives: A restorative practice is just as essential as a vigorous one. Join us for the chance to slow down, find your breath, and move in a way that leaves you more centered and renewed. With the use of bolsters, blocks, straps, blankets, chairs, and possibly Yoga Wall, this class will help you understand the benefits of supported practice.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga:
 Join us for an invigorating practice that promotes challenging yet sensible postures that translate to the needs of daily life: corporal stabilization, breath observation, mental focus. Expect alignment based sweaty yoga from the Ashtanga 1st and 2nd series, with variations, modifications and big fun!

Weekly themes:
Week 1: Standing pose emphasis
Week 2: Backbend emphasis
Week 3: Twist emphasis
Week 4: Forward bend emphasis
Week 5: Inversion and Restorative emphasis

*** Once the 5 week cycle is done, we then start over so we make sure that students touch on poses from each category to attain a much deeper and balanced practice.***