Meditation, Asana, and Pranayama Study with Hart Lazer

Thursday Evening Asana with Donna Read Spring 2022

This intensive is an opportunity to study with Hart three consecutive days a month for six months. The lessons will cover Meditation on Tuesday morning, Asana on Wednesday morning, and Pranayama practice on Thursday morning.

Meditation focus: Experiencing life as it is.
Asana focus: Crafting a meditative softness in practice.
Pranayama focus: Building and sustaining a seated Pranayama practice.

Each month we meet for practice, lessons will be available to work with between sessions. This intensive will take place live on ZOOM and include feedback where necessary. The class recordings will be included for one month.

This is a wonderful way to build a sustained home practice and Hart invites you to join him for this unique course.

May 17 – 19
June 14 – 16
July 12 – 14
August 9 – 11
September 6 – 8
October 4 – 6

7:00 AM – 8:30 AM EDT

$400.00 plus taxes

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A note about props:
Classes will be adjusted for using basic props. Ideally you will have a wall (or locked door) available and your mat set up before we begin. Additionally, if you have a belt, 2 blocks, 3 blankets, a bolster and a chair available, please have them near by, as we may use them.

If you have any questions about props, or camera placement, email Donna at