Structural alignment in asana and how it affects organic and pranic health 

with Hart Lazer

Please Note: The price, dates and times have been adjusted to reflect the new circumstances. This course will be held on the Zoom platform. A Zoom ID link will be sent to you before the course begins. If you cannot be live on zoom with us; we will send the recorded zoom practice to you at your request. We look forward to connecting with you in the safest way possible for now.

It has been said that yoga practiced with alignment will have positive effects on structure and function of the organ system. In some ways this is true. However, yoga often involves the repetition of movements in a set series of asanas with a set style of breathing that, in the end, may counter this theory.

This workshop will demonstrate how yoga asana and pranayama may be helpful to the organ system and muscular skeletal system, but it will also demonstrate how yoga asana without other movements of the body may in fact create problems organically.

We will take an in-depth look at how alignment-based yoga systems can either over-do or under-do the muscular skeletal system, organic system and pranic system. We will also explore new ways to move that help to balance the way we practice. 

Saturday + Sunday – May 23 + 24, 2020
Saturday + Sunday – May 30 + 31, 2020

9:00am – 12:00pm

$275 + tax paid in full by May 20, 2020


Hart Lazer has been teaching and training Yoga teachers for more than 30 years. 

Something of a cultural hybrid, he thrives in the alchemy distilled in the hatha yoga traditions including Iyengar and Ashtanga systems. Hart’s current teaching contains an emphasis on meditation, derived through the study of zen, Tibetan, and Buddhist practices. Using a tailored and multi-faceted approach, his intention is to guide individuals in their understanding of themselves, and despite the challenges of life, to do so with ease and enjoyment. 

Hart’s major influences in his life and teaching are Ramanand Patel and Ken McCleod.

Being the co-founder of United Yoga Montreal gives Hart a home base from which he teaches nationally and internationally.