Len Blum

Before yoga, Len wrote a number of Hollywood movies including Meatballs (released in 1979), Stripes (1982), Beethoven’s 2nd (1993), Private Parts (1997), The Pink Panther, and Over The Hedge (2006).

In December of 1999, after experiencing his very first class, he fell in love with yoga, and in September of 2000 he made a commitment to following his practice, wherever it led.

Len completed Ashtanga Teacher Training in 2003 at Downward Dog Yoga Center, followed in 2005 by Advanced Teacher Training with hart lazer at Ashtanga Yoga Montreal. He continues to study under hart lazer.

His current areas of study are:

  • His current areas of study are: How yoga techniques can reduce physical pain,
  • How yoga techniques can deepen and complete the development of the nervous system,
  • How The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali relates to physical yoga practice and daily life.

Len is a generous, down to earth, and compassionate teacher, who now genuinely dedicates his life to helping others through the ancient teachings of yoga.