Inspirations for the Path Inward: Keys to a Dynamic and Healthy Practice
Weekend Workshop with Doug Keller

Program Update

We remain very excited to welcome Doug Keller back to Montreal. Together with Doug, we decided
that the program will go forward as planned if we are allowed back into rooms together safely by
October, 2020.

If we are NOT allowed to meet in person, Doug is happy to present this program via ZOOM. And if we
are allowed to meet, but some don’t feel comfortable, we will be on ZOOM as an option while Doug
is in the room here with us.

We hope this gives everyone the flexibility they are looking for and a way to make everyone feel
comfortable and welcomed.

We look forward to learning with Doug this Fall, and hope you can join us.

Friday Evening Asana Practice
Sequencing: Timing is Everything

‘Sequencing’ is how we string poses together into a ‘flow’ or vinyasa that makes sense, makes the body feel good, and takes us deeper into the poses. The inner wisdom of sequencing has to do with teaching the muscles to work together in the proper order in the body.
We will focus on the actions of key muscles and how they work together in forward bends, back bends and twists, and how a sequence of poses strung together can reinforce the learning in the body, and safely take us deeper into our practice.

Saturday Morning
Fine-tuning the Shoulders

We’ll start out with a practice covering the main actions of the shoulders in simple terms, and then go on to explore the shoulders in greater depth, fine-tuning their actions.
We will break down the fundamental muscles involved in all ranges of shoulder movement (and relate them to all types of poses), their ‘firing order’ as well as exercises for improving their function and coordination, and applications and variations in poses.

Saturday afternoon
Fine-tuning the Neck — and Applications in Pranayama

Much of the subtlest and most profound work in yoga — in breath and meditation, as well as in asana — has to do with the neck in connection with all of the actions of the senses: gaze. tongue, breath and so on.
In simple and accessible ways, we’ll explore these subtleties with the help of exercises joining small neck and shoulder exercises that incorporate gaze and breath. 

And what we do with it will go beyond what Doug covered in his first visit to Montreal.
Special attention will be given to points around the neck, combined with simple release exercises, that reduce tension connected with headaches.


Sacrum, Hips, Hamstrings and Psoas: Keys to Movement 

Why are hamstrings important, and why (and how) do we ‘open’ our hips? What is the role of the psoas in this, and how do we recognize pain problems stemming from the psoas? In this session we’ll look at the relationship between the health of our sacral joints and low back, the strength and flexibility of our hips and hamstrings, and the central role of the psoas.

Our main emphasis will be on practical ways to balance strength and flexibility in these muscles in asana, especially for the sake of low back health — and how to recognize imbalances between the two sides of the body — sacrum, hips and hamstrings.

October 2-3-4, 2020

Friday 6-9pm
Saturday 10am-1pm and 2-5pm
Sunday 10am-1pm

$300 + tax paid in full by September 1 st , 2020.


Payment must be made in advance to secure your place. Keep in mind that space is limited.  Payments can be made by phone or on-line by credit card – or in person at the studio by cash, cheque, credit or debit card.